“Everything Everywhere Daily” Podcast Review. 5/5

There is an advert that runs on Lindsay Graham’s “History Daily” podcasts which bemoans adverts in podcasts.  Perhaps slightly ironically, it is through an advert on one of his podcasts that I found one of my new favourite daily podcasts, “Everything Everywhere Daily”.  Whilst I have long believed that Lindsay Graham seems to know all there is to know about American history, it seems that Gary Arndt, the host of “Everything Everywhere Daily” knows pretty much everything about pretty much everything.

The point of “Everything Everywhere Daily” is not to give you a detailed look into a subject, but to give you enough information to whet your interest and encourage you to search out more if you want to, or just to give you sufficient information to know more than you did to start with.  However, this doesn’t make the title misleading, as Gary Arndt is clearly very knowledgeable and incredibly well-travelled and a huge number of the episodes contain his personal experiences and recollections as much as information which has come from research.

Each episode, of which there is one 7 days a week without fail and has been for a few years, is around 10-12 minutes in length and tackles a single subject each day.  These vary widely from history to science, from travel to sports.  As he is not restricted by having to release episodes on specific dates, like “History Daily”, there is often no through line to a week’s podcasts, but this to me makes it slightly more interesting, as you have no idea what’s going to come next, but you always know you’re going to end up knowing more than when you started.

Gary’s presenting style helps with this, as he’s an engaging speaker, but unlike many people who know a lot, he doesn’t talk down to the listener.  He is always enthusiastic about his subject, which suggests he’s the kind of person who just loves knowing things and learning new things and he has a wonderful ability to boil down even the most complex subjects to terms simple enough that anyone with no prior knowledge of a subject can understand more about it in only 10 minutes.  You’ll never become an expert in a topic from one podcast episode, but you may get the nudge you need to become more of an expert with more research of your own.

I find this podcast the perfect start to a day, as it means you learn something new every single day.  My wife summed up “Everything Everywhere Daily” by saying that it was the kind of podcast that seemed made for me and she’s not wrong in that.  I certainly wouldn’t have the time and energy to do what Gary Arndt does, but even after several years of listening, my enthusiasm to listen and learn from him every day has not faded in the slightest and with so much knowledge in the world, most of which seems to be somewhere within Gary Arndt’s head, I don’t see this ending whilst he still has the energy to keep doing what he’s doing and I won’t stop listening before then either.


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